Cycle tourism in Mallorca

Cycle tourism in Mallorca

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Mallorca is the destination of choice for millions of tourists all year round. The reasons? Countless. But one of the most common, and increasingly popular, is the cycling routes around Mallorca.

Due to the different areas of Mallorca, one of the most common activities on the island is cycling. Cycling through the Serra de Tramuntana or by the sea is, without a doubt, an incredible experience. For these reasons there are more and more cycling routes in Mallorca. People are looking for new places where they can go cycling in Mallorca.

Cycling in Mallorca is a unique experience. That is why so many people, from all over the world, come to Mallorca to practice this sport. As a result, if you can’t bring your own bike to Mallorca, you will find many places where you can rent one for as long as you need. Renting a bike in Mallorca is very easy. Another advantage of cycling in Mallorca is the good weather in Mallorca. Due to the few rainy days on the island, it is very easy to go out on bike routes without mishaps. For these reasons, and many more, you should come to cycle touring in Mallorca.

Today we are going to explain why Mallorca manages to attract so many cyclists all year round. But we will also recommend some tips and cycle touring routes in Majorca to make your trip to Majorca perfect.


Of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is the most populous. The island of Mallorca is well-known for its pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, and clean waters, but there is much more to be discovered there. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and has the mountain range of Serra de Tramuntana. An isolated chain of limestone peaks having a special character. The city of Palma, the capital, is home to several interesting and noteworthy historical sites. For instance, the Cathedral of Mallorca is a prominent landmark upon arrival in Palma. The Almudaina Palace and the Arab baths of Palma are located behind it. Palma is home to several stunning historical buildings.

Outside Palma, you will find spectacular villages, perfect for discovering them while cycling in Mallorca. Throughout Mallorca there are more than 50 municipalities. In the centre of the island, you will find flatter villages, although very special, such as Binissalem, Alaró or Montuiri. In the Serra de Tramuntana you will find villages with a unique atmosphere. Sóller, Deia and Banyalbufar are small Mallorcan villages that enchant everyone who visits them. And finally, there are the villages on the coast of Mallorca, such as Sa Rápita or Alcudia, perfect for relaxing by the sea.

The weather in Mallorca

The weather in Mallorca is one of the great advantages of Mallorca. Throughout the year, it is true that there is the possibility of rain for 10 months of the year, but the truth is that it does not usually rain more than 31 days a year. From the 28th of March to the 31st of October is when there are the most days of sunshine. Spring and autumn in Mallorca are perfect. Thanks to the temperatures, it is the perfect time for cycling routes in Mallorca. Because the temperatures are not as high as in summer and that makes the sport easier.

Another factor to take into account about the weather in Mallorca is the wind in Mallorca. Although during the winter months in Mallorca, the wind is stronger, there is not an excessive difference with the summer months in Mallorca. The wind on the island can work in favour of your cycling route, which is why we recommend that you check the weather forecast before you start cycling in Mallorca. For any cycling route or any type of excursion it is necessary to check the weather forecast for Mallorca. This way you will be able to organise your trip to Mallorca and your cycling tour in Mallorca to the maximum.

Cycling routes in Mallorca

As we have already mentioned, there are a variety of cycling routes in Mallorca. There is even a route that goes all the way around Mallorca by bike. For this reason, Mallorca is very used to the fact that during the months of spring and autumn, the island is full of cyclists. Some of the cycling routes in Mallorca are the Cabo de Formentor. Leaving from Pollensa, you will reach a winding road, perfect for more experienced cyclists. This is one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Mallorca, thanks to the amount of nature that surrounds it.

But there is also a beautiful route known as the Tramuntana coastal route. Its name comes from the fact that it is located between the Serra de Tramuntana and the coast of Mallorca. It is ideal for those who also want to get to know the villages of Mallorca, as it passes through several of them. And finally, we recommend one in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana. The Coll de Sóller. Since the Sóller tunnel was created, few cars use this stretch of road, which is very satisfying for cyclists. On this route you can enjoy the nature of Mallorca and spectacular views of Sóller.

If you come to Mallorca for cycle touring, you should definitely not miss at least one of the different routes that we have recommended today. We are sure they will fascinate you and make you fall in love with Mallorca.

We would be more than happy to help you in any way we can

If you are on vacation in Mallorca and you get the desire to put some pedal to the metal but you don’t have a bike with you, you will be happy to know that you have the option to rent one of our road bikes for a price that is extremely affordable.

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A whole new world of adventure and enjoyment has been opened up by Mallorca’s cycling community and the island itself! In which case, what are you waffling on about? You’ll have such wonderful time if you visit Mallorca. Cycling through the picturesque towns and villages teeming with old olive and pine trees is a genuine treat. Our goal at Emilios Cycling Mallorca is to help you get away from the everyday grind and enjoy life to the fullest.

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