Mallorcas Naturschönheiten per Fahrrad entdecken: Eine Reise durch die Landschaft

Discover Mallorca’s natural beauty by bike: a journey through the countryside

A bike tour through the natural beauty of Mallorca is a great way to experience this beautiful island in depth. Mallorca offers a diverse landscape, ranging from breathtaking coastlines to picturesque villages and impressive mountain ranges. Here are some of the natural beauties you can discover on your trip:

  1. Tramuntana Mountains: the Serra de Tramuntana stretches along the northwest coast of the island, offering spectacular views and picturesque mountain villages. The mountain roads and trails are ideal for cyclists, and you can cycle through towns such as Valldemossa and Sóller.
  2. Coastal roads: Mallorca has an impressive coastline with secluded coves, cliffs and sandy beaches. The coastal roads offer breathtaking views and are often less busy than the main roads.
  3. Nature parks: Visit the Parc Natural de s’Albufera, a wetland of international ecological interest, or the Parc Natural de Mondragó with its picturesque bays and hiking trails.
    Interior of the island: Mallorca’s interior is characterized by rolling hills and fertile valleys. You can cycle through charming villages such as Petra, Porreres and Santanyí and get to know the local culture and culinary delights.
  4. Cap de Formentor: This peninsula in the north of the island offers spectacular scenery with steep cliffs and crystal-clear water. Cycle to the top of Cap de Formentor to enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea.
  5. Caves and caverns: Mallorca is known for its impressive cave systems, including the Coves del Drach and the Coves d’Arta. Although these are not necessarily accessible by bike, they are still worth a visit.

Remember to prepare well before your cycling trip, including choosing the right bike for your needs, making sure your equipment is in order and planning your routes in advance. You should also find out about the local traffic rules and the best times for your tours. Mallorca offers numerous bike rentals and guided tours that can help you plan and carry out your trip. Have fun exploring the natural beauty of Mallorca by bike!

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