Mallorca, Europe’s favorite cycling destination

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One of Europe’s most prestigious cycling fairs recently took place. This fair attracted a large number of bicycle enthusiasts interested in learning about the latest developments in the cycling industry.

The fair counted with the outstanding participation of several Spanish companies and institutions, among which was present once again the stand of the Consell de Mallorca, probably the national destination with the greatest impact on bicycle tourism. The Consell de Mallorca shared a stand with different companies involved in the cycling tourism market in the islands, including Cycling Friendly, which took the opportunity to learn first-hand about the interests of European cyclists.

To this end, more than 500 surveys were carried out among those attending the fair, in which they were asked about their favorite destinations within Spain or the types of cycling they usually practice, as well as some of their travel habits. According to the preliminary results obtained in the survey, Mallorca is the destination that generates more interest, with 38% of respondents who chose it among their 3 favorite cycling destinations. A result that highlights the great interest generated by the island not only as a sun and beach destination, but also as an ideal place for the practice of cycling tourism by Europeans.

When asked about their mode of travel, European people surveyed at the fair said that they mostly traveled with friends (30%), their partner (28%) or their family (22%), with a remarkable 14% who said they traveled alone. More minor is the case of respondents who travel with sports clubs, making up 5% of responses. In addition, 59% of those surveyed confirmed having participated in a cycling or triathlon event, one of the elements with the greatest market capacity within the sports sector, and which is confirmed by the success of events such as Mallorca 312 to be held this weekend, which every year is able to concentrate thousands of cycling enthusiasts on the island.

Around 20,000 cycling tourists are expected on Mallorca in the coming months. Tour operators have now scheduled more flights between the Balearic island and Germany, Austria and Switzerland for this purpose. Due to the route conditions, Playa de Palma, Muro and Alcúdia are particularly popular with cycle tourists. Hoteliers are promising a strong low season due to the high demand, which is expected to last until November 15.

Mallorca has become the Mediterranean’s favorite cycling destination in recent years. The season usually lasts from September to May. In the years before the Corona pandemic, up to 200,000 cycling tourists visited the island during these eight months of off-season. cycling tourism generated revenues of around 300 million euros.

Mallorca provides not just the ideal roads, hills, and climate, but also the ideal cycling culture. The majority of the island is cyclist-friendly, with motorists often giving you extra room when passing. Mallorca realized long ago the economic advantages bicycles bring to the island, and as a result, the infrastructure has been designed to accommodate cyclists. It is difficult not to fall in love with Mallorca due to its spectacular mountain and coastal road vistas, gorgeous landscape, and golden beaches.

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