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Alcudia is the center of cycling in Mallorca. There are many different cycling operators that have settled here. Whether you are looking for a racing bike rental a great mountain bike or even an e-bike, cycling in Mallorca is simply fun. We offer you exclusive rental bikes for every kind of requirement at any time. From our selection of over 100 bikes, you can choose the bike that you like and on which you want to explore the area around Alcudia.

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Moonlight Rides: Experience Mallorca by Night on a Bicycle

The pale moonlight bathes Mallorca’s landscape in a soft, silvery glow. A gentle breeze brushes the fields, while the chirping of crickets weaves a soothing melody into the nocturnal stillness.

Mallorca: A Paradise for Family Bike Tours

Mallorca, the pearl of the Mediterranean, is a true paradise for families wanting to discover the joys of cycling. With its diverse landscapes, charming villages, and safe bike paths, the island provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable family outings on two wheels.

Pure Nature: The Most Beautiful Bike Routes through Mallorca’s Nature Reserves

A gentle morning mist rises over the fields of Mallorca, the first rays of sun breaking through the dense treetops, bathing the landscape in a golden light. A perfect day to explore the island’s breathtaking nature on two wheels.

Historical Discovery Tours: Tracing the Footsteps of Mallorca

Through the gentle hills of Mallorca, where olive groves glisten in the morning sun and birdsong breaks the silence of the landscape, your journey into the past begins.

From Coast to Mountains: Discovering Mallorca’s Diversity

The first morning sun sparkles on the gentle waves of the Mediterranean as you gaze across Mallorca’s expansive coastline. A day full of adventure lies ahead, a journey from picturesque coastal paths to the majestic heights of the Serra de Tramuntana.

Your Customized Bike Vacation: A Journey Through the World of Personalized Cycling Adventures

A bike trip is much more than just traversing landscapes on two wheels. It’s a sensory symphony, a meeting between human and nature, reinforced by the feeling of freedom and the echo of the wind. At Emilios Bike Rental Mallorca, this philosophy of cycling is lived and breathed in every aspect of your tailor-made vacation.

Mallorca: One island, a thousand impressions

From the moment one lands in Palma de Mallorca, a stunning panorama unfolds: the deep blue of the Mediterranean, dotted with gleaming boats, meets the vibrant green of the island’s hills and mountains. Mallorca, the gem of the Balearic Islands, is a realm rich in stories, emotions, and natural beauty. Every corner, every street, and every sunset possesses its own unique allure.

Mountain Bike Adventures in the Tramuntana: A Paradise for Enthusiasts

A fresh morning in Mallorca. The first rays of sun break through the treetops, bathing the majestic peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana in golden light.

Gravel Bikes – The All-Terrain Masters for Every Route

With a powerful pedal stroke and the wind in your face, the world of gravel bikes opens up – a blend of robustness and flexibility that leaves no terrain unexplored.

Exclusive E-Bike Tours for Connoisseurs: Rediscover Mallorca

With a light push on the E-Bike, the journey begins – the heart of Mallorca unfolds before your eyes in a diversity like no other.

Alcudia – Experience the fascination of cycling to the fullest – Emilios Mallorca Bike Rental

Emilios bike rental Mallorca for over 10 years!

With us you will experience the perfectly organized cycling trip in Mallorca. The bike rental of exclusive bikes is only one of our hobbyhorses. Of course, we are also happy to plan your entire vacation on the road bike – we support you not only in choosing the right hotel, or with tips on the best restaurants, unique bays and other hotspots on Mallorca. No matter in which hotel, Airbnb or even in your own finca in Alcudia, you get your mountain bike, e-bike or your road bike delivered freshly washed in the morning.

Mallorca Alcudia, that Mecca for cycling enthusiasts, whether flat stages in the inner part of Mallorca or the challenging Tramuntana mountains in the north of Mallorca – whoever is on the road with bike rental Mallorca, will love and feel the variety of Mallorca – in the truest sense of the word.

Many of our guests have chosen Mallorca as a place for regeneration and as a base for their training. The many different conditions and opportunities that you experience as a cyclist unusually close – the incomparable nature and the Mediterranean climate are guarantees for an unforgettable vacation on the bike.

Bike rental Alcudia

Bike hire Alcudia

Alcudia is a Mallorcan municipality with almost 20,300 inhabitants on about 60 km². The name Alcudia comes from the Arabic “Al-Qudya” and means “the hill” because of the elevated historic center. The average temperature is 16.8 degrees. In summer it is 23,5 degrees on average. Best conditions for you and your vacation on the bike. Find your bike here.