Radsport auf Mallorca 2022

Cycling enthusiasts will find paradise on Mallorca

What is it about Mallorca that has made it such a popular destination for cyclists from across the world? Thousands of bikers visit the island each year, so they can’t all be incorrect, can they? Cyclists of all levels enjoy Mallorca, and some even go so far as to call it “cyclist’s paradise.”

It should be evident to even those of us who are not very athletic that one of the primary reasons is Mallorca’s exceptional climate. Many professional teams come in full force in the springtime, and certain hotels are totally occupied by them. Year after year, they return Mallorca as their home base, and they have done so for decades. It’s no surprise, given what this island has to offer. Most of these athletes’ hotel parking lots resemble the start and finish areas of the Tour de France – which, incidentally, is the race of races that most of these athletes are practicing for!

With the exception of the temperatures, these champions of the roads can find everything they want for their preparations. They benefit from excellent road infrastructure, a varied geography with obstacles comparable to those they face during races, and friendly people who are enthusiastic about being a part of this thrilling sport.

However, it is not just professionals that flood the roads of Mallorca; owners of rural estates or contemporary villas for sale in Mallorca are well aware that this island is a haven for those who appreciate being active while taking in the breathtaking environment.

The element of diversity

The Tramuntana mountain range in Mallorca not only provides a lovely background for cyclists, but its beauty serves to distract bikers from their physical exertion. The infamous “Sa Calobra” hairpin curves are without a doubt the most difficult path to travel; after relaxing on the gorgeous beach below, you must climb 9.5 kilometers back up.

The journey to Cap Formentor, with its beautiful lighthouse, is less strenuous. The views of the Mediterranean Sea along the way are equally as breathtaking as those of the Tramuntana mountain range. It’s also less taxing on your body to take one of the seaside paths, so you can take it leisurely or, if you’re feeling athletic, do some sprints!

Emilios Cycling Mallorca

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