Cycling tourism in Europe now has Mallorca as its top destination

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Mallorca has become the top destination for European cycling tourism in the post-pandemic, explaining the surge in bookings in hotels that have infrastructure to facilitate this sort of active tourism during this autumn and winter. According to hoteliers, specialized tour providers, and the Consell, this season—to which the spring months of 2023 must be added—will surpass pre-pandemic numbers and surpass 200,000 cycling aficionados. As a result of this period prior to the pandemic, more than 150 hotels in Platja de Palma, Platja de Muro, Alcdia-Can Picafort, Cala Millor, Cala Serena, Capdepera, and Peguera extended their operations past the summer season.

Andreu Serra, the island’s councilor for transition, tourism, and sports, emphasizes the dedication to business: “We have infrastructure, specialized hotels, and all the services to meet the needs of this market, hence the commitment that the Consell has made to be present at specialized fairs and strike deals with tour operators and other operators.” Serra highlights sponsorships of the Mallorca 312, Challenge Ciclista Mallorca, and UCI Track Champion League in addition to the cooperation with Eurosport to market the island as a destination for active tourism.

Consolidating our current position and increasing our market share are the strategic goals. Here, we must take into account the business wager as well as all cycling-related food and maintenance services. It is a winning wager, which accounts for the rising demand “the councilor declares. The season for bike tourism spans two quite distinct times: from the fall through Christmas and from February to the week following Easter. Serra notes that there are plans to promote women’s bicycle tourism as part of this approach. The potential of bringing trials to the island is being discussed, according to Serra.

The economic effects of this kind of active tourism in all the communities where they reside “are crucial because they have an impact on the entire tourism value chain.” The average tourist package, according to Jaume Horrach, president of the Hotel Association of Alcdia-Can Picafort, “includes a week of lodging on a half board basis and with an average cost of more than 500 euros, to which must be added transport, transfers, and other services.” This year, “there is a rise in cycling tourists,” according to Isabel Batle, head of the Cala Millor hoteliers, “so many hotels will alter their openings and closings according to the groups they receive from all European and Spanish issuing markets.

There is service infrastructure, including specialist shops, workshops, and particular energy goods, at every place they stay. Many different types of businesses rely on the arrival of European cyclists to be active and open for nearly the entire year, as hoteliers point out. Holland, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Spanish market make up the majority of their home countries.

In addition, “we have witnessed a progressive growth of American cycling tourists,” as stated by the hotel industry, since the introduction of the direct United Airlines flight between New York-Newark and Palma. Here, it’s important to include the individualized plans that professional cyclists and Tour de France, Tour of Italy, and Vuelta a Espaa winners like Sean Kelly, Toni Rominger, and Lance Armstrong have developed. The North American athlete specifically organizes circuits in Mallorca where people pay 20,000 euros to cycle with Lance Armstrong. This further exemplifies the growth and development of Mallorca’s bicycle tourism industry.

Not all cyclists are interested in budget accommodations; some prefer five-star hotels “because they are looking for maximum comfort and to enjoy their hobby in a different way, which benefits restaurants, rent-a-car companies, fashion boutiques, and complementary offer,” as the route organizers put it. Max Hürzeler Bicycle Holidays and Diana Sportreisen have both improved every aspect of their island offerings. Main transport carriers for this active tourism offer include TUI Fly, Eurowings, and Condor in addition to EasyJet, Ryanair, and Lufthansa.

Mallorca has developed into the most popular travel destination in the Mediterranean because to its extensive road network. Because the market share that was lost as a result of the pandemic has been restored, and the number of cycling tourists that have visited the region has increased, the goal that was set by the hotel industry and the tour operators has been accomplished. It is estimated that between October and April, 300 million euros will be spent on the Island to accommodate these visitors and provide them with the various services they would require during their stay.

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