Tipps zur Radwegplanung auf Mallorca - Ihr ultimativer Guide

Tips for planning cycle routes in Mallorca – your ultimate guide

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Mallorca is a true paradise for cyclists, with breathtaking landscapes and varied routes suitable for all levels. To help you get the most out of your cycling vacation on the island, we’d like to give you some valuable tips on planning cycling routes in Mallorca. Follow our ultimate guide to prepare yourself optimally and experience unforgettable cycling tours on the sunny island.

  • Research and select suitable routes: Take care of planning your cycle routes before you arrive on Mallorca. Familiarize yourself with the different routes on the island and select suitable routes according to your preferences and abilities. You can also use online resources such as cycling maps and forums to find out about the best cycling routes and insider tips from other cyclists.
  • Seasonal considerations: Take seasonal conditions into account when planning your cycling trip. The summer months can get very hot in Mallorca, so it is advisable to cycle early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the intense sun. Rainy days can also occur in the cooler months, so it’s worth packing weatherproof clothing too.
  • Safety first: Make sure you wear your safety gear, including a helmet and reflective clothing. Also follow the traffic rules and obey the road signs on the roads. Pay particular attention to busy roads and excessively winding routes to minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Bike rental and repair: If you are not bringing your own bike, find out in advance about reliable bike rental companies on Mallorca. Make sure that the rented bike meets your needs and is well maintained. Should you have any technical problems during your bike tour, you will find numerous bike repair shops in the larger towns that can help you with repairs or spare parts.
  • Stopovers and places of interest: Plan your bike tour so that you can make interesting stops along the way. Mallorca offers a multitude of sights and idyllic places to take a break. From charming villages to beautiful beaches and historical sites, there is plenty to discover. Find out about these attractions in advance and plan your tour accordingly.


With careful prior planning, you can get the most out of your cycle tour on Mallorca. When planning, consider factors such as choosing the right route, seasonal conditions and safety measures. Don’t forget to include stops to enjoy the beauty of the island. Put these tips for planning cycle routes on Mallorca into practice to experience unforgettable cycling adventures on the sunny island.

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