Mallorca’s best cycling routes

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The world’s best cycling? You’ll hear it from a lot of people who are loyal to the cause. We enlisted the help of a local expert to learn about the island’s best routes. 

It’s no surprise that Mallorca is a paradise for cycling getaways, especially with its stunning sierras, brilliant coastline, and miles and miles of bike-friendly roads. Starting in February and peaking in May, groups of Lycra-clad velophiles may be spotted pedalling their way around practically every part of the island, stopping for frequent and lengthy espressos in the sunlight along their journey. It has even become a favourite winter training field for many professional cycling teams, as well as a popular Tour de France practice venue. 

But you don’t have to be a seasoned road racer to take on the terrain here, which ranges from the exhausting Sierra hairpins to the peaceful cycling routes that wind through the tranquil middle plains. In this segment, we’ve selected our favourites for cyclists of all abilities. 

1. From Port de Pollensa to the Cap de Formentor

It’s no wonder that this route has acquired something of a legendary reputation among cycling enthusiasts. The panorama alone, which stretches the length of Mallorca’s largest peninsula, is some of the most stunning the island has to offer. Beginners beware: the initial portion includes multiple steep hairpin turns that lead up to the Es Colomer overlook, where many people stop to take a break and enjoy the view. The road then winds its way through a fragrant pine forest before climbing back up over steep slopes to reach the Formentor lighthouse, where visitors can take in magnificent sea views. A little detour to the beautiful Formentor beach on the way back is advisable since it’s a 37-kilometer round trip.


2. Pollensa to Andratx

Most seasoned cyclists consider this Mallorca’s ultimate route — but at 115 kilometres and about 2,500 meters of elevation gain, it’s not for the faint of heart. The primary attraction of this day trip is that you get to see the majority of the gorgeous Tramuntana Mountains while being surrounded by large expanses of glittering sea, steep valleys, and towering cliffs. It also follows a portion of the Mallorca 312 course, a 312km round of the island that serves as the backdrop for Mallorca’s largest road cycling competition.


3. The journey from Port de Soller to Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra has become intertwined with Mallorca cycling, and its ascent is one of the most difficult on the island. The legendary hairpin twists that loop around the magnificent scenery, however, make this route a must-do for bikers. It’s a three-hour, 38-kilometer ride that begins in the picturesque Port de Soller and leads you past the towering Puig Major, Mallorca’s highest mountain. Narrow roads and heavy traffic may make for a dangerous mix on the more elevated areas, so leave early.


4. Alaro-Bunyola-Orient-Alaro

Central Mallorca’s lushest landscape may be seen in the Orient ring, a 34-kilometer route that visits three of the island’s most beautiful towns. Circumnavigating the Puig D’Alaro sierra, the circular path is relatively flat and well-maintained. Getting to the settlement of Coll d’Orient is merely a short, but arduous, trek up a mountain. One of the Balearics’ most diverse and entertaining cycling routes, this one travels through dense pine woods, stunning mountain ranges, and wide-open plains.


5. From Palma to Arenal

With a smooth and level cycle-friendly road that runs the whole length of the trip, this is one of the least difficult routes to navigate. A relaxing cycling ride around the Bay of Palma, with the dazzling sea on one side and a changing urban landscape the other, begins near the ferry terminal at Porto Pi. It is a 17-kilometer path that takes you through the magnificent Gothic church, through fashionable Portixol, and past numerous beautiful beaches. The key issue is to avoid being distracted to the point that you lose sight of the other bikes, inline skaters, and runners on the road.


6. Arenal to Llucmajor and back to Arenal

This is a generally flat-road round route through Mallorca’s tranquil rural south, although at 60km, it may seem like a slog for less experienced cyclists. From Arenal, take the coastal road to Cap Blanc before turning around to see Capocorb, one of the most magnificent Talayotic sites on the island. The return section takes you through quiet Llucmajor, with some fantastic clifftop views of Palma Bay as you near the shore.


7. Soller to Valldemossa

The primary attraction on this famous route is the Col de Soller, a stunning ascent and descent with more than 50 hairpin curves that takes you up over 500m via the picturesque mountain pass. Its 30km length may be finished in about two hours, or you can circle back through the coastline trail that winds past the mountain hamlet of Deia for a four-hour round journey you’ll remember for months.


8. Felanitx to Puig de San Salvador

This climb is one of Mallorca’s greatest because of its frequent and stunning vistas. Begin by traveling east out of the distinctively Mallorcan town of Felanitx, and you’ll soon be climbing a steep ascent and around several razor-sharp turns. It’s breathtaking landscape all the way up, but at the summit, you’re treated to panoramic views over the majority of the island.


9. From Manacor to Arta

This is another lengthy but leisurely trip that links the unappealing town of Manacor with the fairly picturesque town of Arta. The mostly gravel route follows the Vias Verdes, which were transformed into a cycling path in 2015. It winds over generally flat terrain, alternating between large fertile plains and groves of wild olive and pine trees. It’s a safe off-road choice that’s ideal for inexperienced cyclists and even small children (for whom the whole 29km might be a stretch).

What are you still waiting for? Plan your trip now.

Mallorca cycling holidays are simple to organise thanks to the island’s superb infrastructure, plenty of cycle-friendly hotels, and several specialized bike stores scattered around the island. Mallorca’s reasonable size also ensures that you’ll never be too far away from civilization or that puncture repair kit you neglected to bring with you on your vacation.

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The world of cycling has opened up to you in new and exciting ways! So, what exactly are you still holding out for? Come to Mallorca and take pleasure in your stay. Cycling through picturesque towns and villages, linked by beautiful roads that wind among ancient olive and pine trees, enabling cyclists to take in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. We at Emilios Cycling Mallorca wish to provide you with an extraordinary chance to live your life to the utmost.

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