When Should You Go to Mallorca for a Cycling Vacation?

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The climate in Mallorca is conducive to cycling throughout the whole year, and many cyclists visit the island each month. Nevertheless, there are evident distinctions between cycling in December and cycling in August. This article examines the characteristics of each season. We will explore what time of year is optimal in terms of weather, accommodations, traffic, and other considerations.


Professional racers and serious club racers go to Mallorca in the winter. They want to ride for lengthy periods of time to build up their foundation fitness in warmer and drier circumstances than they are used to back home. This means that big groups of professional cyclists will be whizzing down the roads throughout December, January, and February.

Winters in the Pacific Northwest are typically pleasant, not hot. The mercury may soar as high as 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) on occasion, but there are other days when it hardly rises beyond 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). As long as you’re equipped with a jacket and arm/leg warmers, cycling on the highest peaks of the island should be no difficulty at all.

Snow is an uncommon occurrence on higher land in the winter, but the roads are typically plowed in a timely manner. Another benefit of going to the island in the winter is that lodging is usually cheaper, however this may be offset by fewer flights. If you’re staying in a resort town, you may find that it’s somewhat lifeless in the winter, with few pubs or restaurants open. Because of this, we suggest vacationing in the more ancient Mallorcan villages, which have a vibrant culture all year round.


Mallorca is a popular destination for cycling during the spring months. Every time you go for a bicycle ride, you’ll see dozens, if not hundreds, of other cyclists. Most of the elite cyclists have already left town to begin their racing season so these will be mostly tourists and amateurs on their bikes.

During spring, the weather is generally ideal for cycling. At this time of year, temperatures are typically between 18- and 25-degrees Fahrenheit (64 and 77 degrees Celsius). This is t-shirt weather for most cyclists, but you may still spot Mallorquins in their winter coats!

Rain is generally uncommon, but it does occur, so carry a jacket with you. However, in the spring, it usually takes the shape of regular April showers, and with the higher temperatures, it’s not much of a problem.

Early spring, especially in March, is a great time to book a room since it’s still quite inexpensive. However, when non-cyclists begin to vacation on the island after Easter, the price of the trip rises. However, in our view, the sea is too cold for swimming until May, even if many Northern Europeans and Americans report that the water temperature may be as high as March or April!

As soon as March rolls around, you’ll want to make sure you have enough of sun protection on hand. Even if the temperatures aren’t very high, you should use sun protection if you plan to ride for more than a few hours without stopping. Though traffic picks up around May on certain major tourist routes, such as those surrounding Cap de Formentor and Valldemossa, throughout spring, the roads remain mostly deserted.


Despite the fact that you may still have a wonderful vacation in Mallorca throughout the summer, July and August have certain drawbacks compared to other months. The most pressing problem is the oppressive heat. In the early afternoon, temperatures may soar far beyond 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). If you can get out on the bike before 8 a.m. in the summer, you’ll have plenty of time for a nice workout before the heat becomes unbearable.

In the summer, the island gets substantially more crowded, which necessitates an early start. Mallorca’s mountain roads are seldom congested since most visitors stay on the island’s beaches for the duration of their vacations and do not rent automobiles. The roads are thus passable, although there is more traffic than at other seasons of the year. Since few tourists are up and about in the early morning hours of Sunday through Thursday, this is the best time of day to go on a ride.

Cars have been prohibited from parts of Cap de Formentor and Sa Calobra, two of the most popular cycling routes, in recent years by Mallorcan authorities. However, it is still important to keep a look out for buses at this time of year.

In July and August, the cost of lodging in Mallorca is much higher than at any other time of year. You may have already considered this if you’re planning a summer vacation in Europe, since it’s a common problem throughout the continent.

While there are certain drawbacks to cycling in Mallorca during the summer, it is still possible to have a wonderful time. It’s t-shirt weather, and rain is almost nonexistent. Make the most of your vacation by getting up early and cycling some of the best trails in the area!

One more piece of advice for summer; make sure that you carry lots of sun protection and also electrolytes for your beverages. Also carry two water bottles with you, since it’s not always that simple to fill up on some of the more isolated mountain paths.


Cycling in the fall is pretty similar to cycling in the spring. The weather is virtually ideal for cycling, and the summer tourists have mostly left. September is one of the busiest months for horseback riding on the island. The water is still extremely warm, so you may swim in the afternoon, but the air temperature is not as high as it is in the summer.

Our favorite months for visiting are really October and November. The roads are normally quiet, it is t-shirt weather, and the overall vibe on the island is serene and comfortable. The islanders almost seem to be heaving a sigh of relief that their island has returned after the stressful summer months.

Accommodation is also significantly cheaper at this time of year, especially if you stay near the seaside. The water is still warm enough for swimming until mid-late October, so the vacation doesn’t have to be all about cycling. The view is also lovely at this time of year, as the leaves start to change color and the orange, lemon, and olive trees start to bear fruit.

Rain is significantly more prevalent in autumn than the rest of the year, and there may be heavy showers at times (especially during the phenomenon known as the gota fría). However, a full week of sunshine and blue sky is still more probable than not.

Taking everything into account, it’s clear that there’s no poor time to go cycling in Mallorca. For the most part, spring and fall are the busiest seasons, and it’s easy to see why. Even in the summer and winter, cycling can be a wonderful experience if you are prepared for the weather and have the ability to start your trip sooner or wear more layers in order to be warm and comfortable.

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