Die besten Rennrad-Hotels auf Mallorca

Hotels for cyclists in Mallorca

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On Mallorca, the number of hotels for road cyclists is increasing. This is not surprising, because the sunny island is the cycling mecca of Europe. This blog post will help you decide if a bike hotel is right for you or if another type of accommodation suits you better. Of course, to help you find your 2023 cycling vacation, we’ll also introduce you to some beautiful road bike hotels in Mallorca. Discover what Mallorca’s hotels for road cyclists have to offer and read on!

What are the advantages of road bike hotels?

When it comes to the ideal accommodation, road cyclists have their own preferences. Our bikes should be comfortable, just like us. We value safe storage for road bikes, access to tools, and the ability to clean the bike. These and many other amenities are offered by the bike hotels on Mallorca, because the people there have recognized that.

By the way, many bike rentals will bring and pick up your rental bikes from the hotel. Do you have any questions? If you need anything, send us an email.

  • More top offers from bike hotels
  • Supervised and secure bike storage
  • Bikes can be taken to your room, and you can rent bike pumps, repair kits, and multitools
  • Bike repair shop with staff
  • Tours with guides departing from the hotel
  • The hotel’s menu has been adapted to the needs of athletes
  • Food and provisions for bicycle tours
  • Guests of the hotel who have an interest

What services are available in Mallorca for cyclists who participate in competitions?

As Mallorca’s tour operators are aware of the island’s reputation, cyclists are always welcomed and well catered for. The roads of Mallorca are not inferior to the excellent service. Inland, paved highways with little traffic and breathtaking mountain roads await you.

Moreover, Mallorca has an advantage even before you arrive, because nowhere else are there so many first-class bike rentals. That’s why we advise you to leave your own road bike at home and rent one from us instead.

Mallorca is the best island for road bikers for the following reasons: inside

Mallorca offers a wide range of vacation options for cyclists, including opulent cycling vacations in hotels, cozy stays in fincas, and bikepacking with rented bikes.

Vacationing on your own or taking a package tour?

Either plan a tour with an all-inclusive package or pay for airfare, accommodations and all other services individually – is it a matter of taste or! Even though an individual vacation focuses on the adventure element, we usually opt for a package when organizing a training camp.

The reason for this is simple to understand – on a cycling vacation or training camp we spend most of the day on the road bike and want to break up the day with a comfortable hotel stay and delicious meals. On a road bike training camp, we don’t have to consider any special requirements that we might have on an individual adventure trip. When it comes to racing bikes, we have high standards, so the bikes are rented from reputable rental companies. Hotel and flight arrangements will be made together.

Inn, finca or vacation apartment?

It stands to reason that people think of a finca when they think of a vacation in Mallorca, because fincas and Mallorca go together like peanut butter and jelly. There are many things to consider before taking a road trip vacation in a finca. Most of the time, the cottages can only be rented in their entirety, so your training group will need a certain number of members.

A rental car is required, as you will need to plan your own route to the finca and supply needs. If you are traveling with a larger group, it makes sense to use a shuttle service for transportation to and from the airport. In addition to fuel and food costs, the additional time required must also be considered.

If you prefer to come to a covered buffet and not worry about food, you’ll be better off at a road bike hotel than a self-catering finca. However, if you like to cook for yourself, travel to Mallorca with many friends and don’t mind the extra effort, we recommend booking a finca. There, uniqueness and privacy are writ large.

These are the best hotels in Mallorca

The top cycling hotels in Mallorca offer the traveler the ideal environment for an effective cycling trip. There is a suitable accommodation for every need, as the sports hotels section includes hotels with three to five stars.

For those who want to go on a cycling vacation with the whole family, the choice is relatively small, as some road cycling hotels are designed for adult visitors only. Since cyclists are among the most popular tourists on Mallorca, you will be welcomed with open arms even in most hotels that do not explicitly identify themselves as cycling hotels.

Cycling vacations in Mallorca in 2023, a conclusion

When it comes to a road bike hotel in Mallorca, you can choose between many categories and equipment options, depending on your personal preferences. Booking your flight, hotel and shuttle service all at once will save you money. The rental bike is the best option in terms of bike, as you do not have to compromise on quality and your own road bike can safely stay at home. The best rental bikes are of course with us!

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