7 tips for cycling in Mallorca

7 tips for cycling in Mallorca

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Riding a bike in Mallorca is wonderful … You can discover the beauty of the island’s nature simply best on a bike. Picturesque landscapes next to long coastal roads, lush gardens, beaches of white sand and green hills await you on your tours and show you a new facet of this Mediterranean island.

Whether you are a professional or amateur cyclist, I assure you that you will live an overwhelming experience. Due to the fantastic geographical location, the excellent climatic conditions, the superb road network and, of course, the wonderful views of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, you will feel like you are in paradise!

Do you know what you need for this adventure? Don’t worry. We have 7 tips for cycling in Mallorca for you here. All you have to do is get your bike ready and off you go!


1- Decide whether to bring your bike or not

This could be the most important decision for you. Bicycles that are transported must be registered according to the conditions of each airline. To do this, you need to find out exactly. Otherwise, of course, you have the option to rent one on the island. The decision is up to you!


2- The weather

Mallorca has an enviable climate all year round, but I still recommend arriving at the end of spring or the beginning of autumn, because this way you will enjoy a mild climate on this wonderful Mediterranean island, which is particularly suitable for cycling.

The island offers fantastic conditions to make your stay a complete success and an excellent and signposted network of bike paths that covers 1,250 kilometers. More than half of the routes run along secondary roads, so you can explore the island on the less frequented roads. Want to take a little break on the beach? No problem, because no place is more than 40 kilometers from the sea. Well, if that’s not a good excuse to visit the island!

3- Clothing

You should definitely think of a jacket if you want to go cycling in Mallorca. Pack a rain jacket, sunscreen, helmet and suitable sunglasses. It is always better to be prepared so that beautiful plans are not ruined by anything.

But you should not forget your swimwear in any case, because when you ride along the long and beautiful coast of the island of Mallorca, you will always find small coves where you can swim undisturbed and relax in the fine white sand of the beach. The world is at your wheels!

4- Be extremely careful in bad weather!

Prevention is better than cure … If you come to the island at a time when it rains and storms, be careful not to fall. I recommend you pay attention to safety distances, if possible, ride in the middle of the lane and a little slower than normal. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

5- Trips

Especially beautiful are the bike tours along the eastern and southern coasts of the island, but also the quiet inland can be explored by bike. There is a good and excellently signposted network of roads and bicycle paths. Many travel companies directly offer cycling vacations or tours, do not hesitate to ask.

If you are a beginner or a hobbyist, you will find suitable routes on the great plain of Mallorca or on the southeast coast. For professional athletes, on the other hand, the mountainous region of the Sierra de Tramontana with its climbs is the ideal place.

6- The best routes

From Palma to Can Pastilla
Idyllic for a family outing! The bike path of this route is beautifully located on the coast and is suitable for beginners and also for families with children. Moreover, the route is not too long, you can cover it in just one hour.


Route around the Natural Park of s’Albufera

You will enjoy the fantastic paths that will lead you directly to this paradise.

Cycling through this natural park, you can enjoy fantastic views and an atmosphere of complete tranquility.

Just four kilometers from this beautiful place, you will find various species of birds, about which they will be happy to inform you in more detail at the visitor center. The beauty of nature will inspire you!


World Heritage Route from Playa del Muro to Lluc

If you are a professional athlete, this route is perfect for you, because on the way up to the mountain pass Collado de Sa Batalla there are numerous climbs. In this excursion you will come to the heart of the Sierra de Tramontana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Dare to explore the landscape of Mallorca!


From Muro to Sant Salvador

This is one of the most challenging routes on the island! On the first part of the route, you’ll enter the natural park of the Llevant Peninsula until you get to Cala Mesquida … And it gets better, because on the second half of the route you’ll get to the Oratorio de Sant Salvador. The climb is something for the brave: 4.5 km with 7.6% gradient without a break. Do you think you can do it?


7- Suitable accommodation for cyclists

Mallorca is the destination par excellence for cycling and that’s why hotels have adapted to the cycling boom: Tours, installations to accommodate the bikes and much more. Everything you need is at your disposal!

VIVA Blue & SPA: In this hotel for athletes you will find extensive facilities so that you lack nothing during your vacation. Bike storage, training camp for cyclists … Ideal if you do not want to stop pedaling!

VIVA Sunrise: If you like cycling but at the same time you want to be with your family, this hotel is perfect for you because the many activities for children allow you to combine both. Isn’t it a dream?

Vanity Golf: This is an idyllic place of relaxation and peace that at the same time gives you the opportunity to practice your favorite hobby. When you go to Balneum to relax after sports, you will quickly feel like new again.

If you follow these tips, you will surely have an incredible vacation while at the same time doing your favorite sport on this gorgeous island. It is undoubtedly a true paradise for cycling!

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