Spannende Rennen für Profi-Radfahrer auf Mallorca

Exciting Races for Professional Cyclists in Mallorca

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Mallorca, the beautiful island in the Mediterranean, is not only a popular tourist destination but also a hotspot for professional cyclists. The stunning landscape and pleasant climate attract cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. But are there races in Mallorca specifically designed for professional cyclists? In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about exciting races on the island.

Mallorca as a Cycling Paradise

In recent years, Mallorca has evolved into a true paradise for cyclists. The island’s diverse topography provides the perfect training environment for both beginners and professionals. The picturesque coastal roads, challenging mountain passes, and well-maintained cycling paths make Mallorca a unique destination for cyclists.

The Mallorca Challenge

One of the most renowned events for professional cyclists on the island is the “Mallorca Challenge.” This race, typically held in January, attracts some of the world’s best racing cyclists. The Mallorca Challenge consists of multiple stages, presenting participants with a variety of challenges. From flat sections to demanding mountain ascents, this race offers a wide range of terrain profiles.

Trofeo Serra de Tramuntana

Another outstanding race for professional cyclists in Mallorca is the “Trofeo Serra de Tramuntana.” This race takes participants through the breathtaking Tramuntana mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The challenging climbs and stunning vistas make this race a truly unique experience.

Cycling in Mallorca: An All-Year Option

Mallorca not only provides races for professional cyclists but also offers an ideal year-round training environment. The mild climate allows cyclists to extend their season and prepare for competitions to the best of their abilities.


Mallorca is undoubtedly a cyclist’s paradise, and professional cyclists can find challenging races to test their skills. The “Mallorca Challenge” and the “Trofeo Serra de Tramuntana” are just two examples of exciting races on the island. With its impressive landscape and pleasant climate, Mallorca is a top destination for cycling enthusiasts.

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