Radvermietung Mallorca: Ihr Radverleih auf Mallorca

Bike rental Mallorca: Your bike rental in Mallorca

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Welcome to Bike Rental Mallorca – your reliable and experienced partner for bike rental on this enchanting island. Mallorca offers a stunning backdrop of sunny beaches, picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes. And what better way to explore it all than on the back of a bike? In this article we will give you a comprehensive insight into our services and cycling in Mallorca. Let’s dive in and learn more about bike rental Mallorca – your ultimate bike rental in Mallorca!

Bike rental Mallorca: Your advantages

Our bike rentals offer a variety of bikes for every taste and experience level. We understand that everyone has different needs, whether it’s leisurely cruising, challenging mountain biking trails, or racing bike tours along the coast. Our selection of quality bikes will adapt to your needs and ensure you have the best experiences on the island.

Explore the beauty of the island

Cycling in Mallorca allows you to explore the island at your own pace and get off the beaten path. From the golden sandy beaches to the stunning mountains, Mallorca offers an incredible variety of landscapes. Our goal is to give you the freedom to discover all these treasures while the wind blows through your hair and the sun shines on your skin.

Our bikes

We are proud to offer a wide range of bikes that are modern, safe and comfortable. Our fleet includes city bikes for relaxed rides, rugged mountain bikes for adventure seekers, and lightweight road bikes for those who love speed. Each of our bikes is regularly serviced to ensure you enjoy a smooth ride.

Tours and routes

Our team of experts know Mallorca like the back of their hand and are happy to share their knowledge of the best routes and sights to see. From scenic coastal roads to hidden mountain trails, there are countless ways to explore the island. We also offer organized tours for different levels of difficulty to ensure you get the most out of your bike tour.

Flexibility and convenience

With bike rental Mallorca you will enjoy maximum flexibility. We offer flexible rental periods, whether it’s for a day or several weeks. You can conveniently reserve your bike online and pick it up at one of our conveniently located locations. Our friendly staff is available to help you choose the right bike and the best route.

Tips and advice for cycling in Mallorca

Safety first: Always wear a helmet and make sure your bike is in perfect condition.
Water and snacks: always have plenty of water and snacks on hand to stay energized during your ride.
Consider Weather: Check the weather forecast before your ride and adjust your clothing accordingly.
Respect the environment: ride on designated trails and respect nature and local communities.


How do I reserve a bike?

Reservations can be made conveniently online through our website. Simply select your desired bike model and pick-up location.

Are there guided tours available?

Yes, we offer guided tours for various experience levels. Our guides will take you to the best places on the island.

Is cycling safe in Mallorca?

Yes, cycling in Mallorca is safe as long as you follow the traffic rules and take proper safety precautions.

Can I rent accessories like helmets or child seats?

Of course! We offer a selection of accessories to make your ride safe and enjoyable.

Can children’s bicycles be rented?

Yes, we also have children’s bikes available in a variety of sizes so the whole family can explore the island.

Do I need to bring my own tools in case I have a breakdown?

No, we offer a breakdown service. Just contact our hotline and we will take care of any problems.


If you are looking for an unforgettable way to explore Mallorca, Bike Rental Mallorca is your trusted companion. Our high-quality bikes, customized tours and expert tips will make your experience on the island unforgettable. Go on a journey of discovery, admire the scenic beauty and experience the true Mallorca on two wheels.

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