Rennradfreuden auf der Sonneninsel: Mallorca als ideales Trainingslager

Road cycling fun on the sunny island: Mallorca as an ideal training camp

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Road cycling fun on the sunny island: Mallorca as an ideal training camp

Mallorca, the popular sunny island in the Mediterranean, is not only a popular vacation destination for beach lovers, but also a dream destination for road cyclists. The island offers ideal conditions to prepare for the upcoming cycling season and take your training to a new level. In this article, you will find out why Mallorca is the ideal training camp for road cyclists and how you can benefit from the joys of road cycling on the sunny island.

Perfect roads for top performance Mallorca offers a variety of perfectly paved roads that are ideal for road bike training. Whether it’s flat routes along the coast or challenging climbs in the Serra de Tramuntana – you’ll find the perfect route for your training here. The roads on Mallorca are well developed, in good condition and have little traffic, so you can concentrate fully on your performance.

Challenging climbs and breathtaking views The Serra de Tramuntana, a mountain range in the northwest of the island, is a true paradise for road cyclists. Here you will find challenging climbs and serpentines that will test both your strength and endurance. During your training sessions, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views that will bring you closer to the beauty of the island. Experience the feeling of freedom as you climb the mountain passes and enjoy the impressive Mallorcan landscape.

Professional training facilities Mallorca is not the training destination of many professional cycling teams for nothing. The island offers a range of professional training options to take your road bike training to the next level. There are specialized training camps and groups that provide professional support and tailor-made training plans. Experienced cycling coaches are on hand to give you valuable tips to improve your performance. Take advantage of the professional training opportunities to prepare yourself optimally for your racing season.

Road bike-friendly infrastructure Mallorca is a road bike destination that is geared towards the needs of cyclists. There are numerous road bike hotels and accommodations that offer special services for cyclists. Here you will find secure bike parking, workshops for repairs and catering options tailored to athletes. There are also bike rental companies on the island that provide high-quality racing bikes. The racing bike-friendly infrastructure makes it easy for you to enjoy your training camp on Mallorca comfortably and carefree.

Wide range of leisure activities In addition to road bike training, Mallorca also offers numerous leisure activities. Use your free time to relax on the beautiful beaches, explore the island’s historic towns or sample local delicacies in the restaurants. Mallorca offers a varied range of leisure activities, giving you the opportunity to experience the beauty and culture of the island alongside your training.


Mallorca is the ideal training camp for road cyclists. The perfect roads, challenging climbs, professional training facilities and the road bike-friendly infrastructure make the sunny island a dream destination for road bike enthusiasts.

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