Mallorca: Ein Mekka für Rennradfahrer aus aller Welt

Mallorca: A mecca for racing cyclists from all over the world

Mallorca: A mecca for racing cyclists from all over the world

Mallorca, the largest island in the Balearic Islands, is a true Mecca for racing cyclists from all over the world. With its spectacular landscapes, challenging routes and professional cycling infrastructure, the island attracts thousands of cycling enthusiasts every year. Find out in this article why Mallorca is a paradise for road cyclists and what makes the island a favorite destination for all passionate cyclists.

Perfect roads and breathtaking landscapes Mallorca offers an impressive selection of roads that are ideal for road cyclists. From flat stretches along the coast to challenging climbs in the mountains, you will find everything your heart desires. The roads are well-maintained and offer a first-class surface that makes riding a real pleasure. During your road bike tour, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views, from picturesque bays to spectacular mountain panoramas.

Professional training facilities Mallorca is a hotspot for professional cycling teams and athletes for a reason. The island offers a variety of professional training options to take your road bike training to the next level. There are specialized training camps and groups that provide professional support and tailor-made training plans. Experienced cycling coaches will help you to improve your performance and achieve your goals. Take advantage of the outstanding training opportunities to improve your skills and prepare optimally for your racing season.

Road bike-friendly infrastructure Mallorca specializes in providing road cyclists with all the amenities they need. The island has a first-class cycling infrastructure with specially designated road bike hotels and accommodation. These accommodations offer cyclists secure bike parking, workshops for repairs and catering options tailored to the needs of athletes. In addition, there are a large number of bike rental companies that provide high-quality racing bikes. The road bike-friendly infrastructure makes it easy for cyclists to enjoy their training camp in Mallorca to the full.

Sociability and international road cycling community Mallorca attracts road cyclists from all over the world, resulting in a vibrant and international cycling community. The island offers numerous opportunities to meet like-minded people and exchange ideas with other road bike enthusiasts. Whether on rides together, in cycling cafés or at cycling events – Mallorca offers a unique opportunity to be part of a lively road cycling scene and to network with other cyclists.


Mallorca is undoubtedly a paradise for road cyclists from all over the world. With its perfect roads, breathtaking landscapes, professional training facilities and road bike-friendly infrastructure, the island offers everything a cyclist’s heart desires. Come to Mallorca, explore the fascinating world of road cycling on the island and immerse yourself in the lively and international road cycling scene. Mallorca will inspire you with its beauty and the endless possibilities for unforgettable road cycling experiences.

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