Radfahren auf Mallorca

Mallorca will prove to be an excellent destination for cycling enthusiasts

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Here’s all you need to know to go riding!

Approximately 150,000 cyclo-tourists visit Mallorca each year, bringing in an estimated €150 million in yearly revenue for the island.

Since the topography ranges from steep inclines to flat stretches, cyclists of all skill levels may take advantage of the island’s numerous attractive byways. Even elite cyclists take advantage of Mallorca’s tough terrain, most notably Team Sky, which uses the island as a winter training base.

Despite the fact that cyclists may be seen on Mallorca’s roads all year round, February to May and September to October are the most popular months for riding.

With 6,500 competitors in 2017, the Mallorca 312 is one of the most popular sports events in Mallorca. It marks the high point of the cycling season in April. 199 cyclists started off in 2010 for a single 312-mile loop of Mallorca, and since then, Mallorca 312 has expanded tremendously.

For bikers, Alcudia in the north and Palma near the airport are the two major hubs. Various businesses, including hotels, bike stores, and bicycle tour operators, cater to the demands of this particular market. Serra de Tramuntana mountain range on Mallorca’s west coast, from Andratx to Cap Formentor, is the most picturesque and popular with skilled riders. For bikers, the island has a wealth of rural roads to explore, some of which lead to old castles or mountaintop monasteries.

Specialist businesses catering to the needs of cyclists are springing up all over the world as the popularity of cycling continues to rise. There are a number of bike businesses on the island that sell and rent bikes. If you’re seeking for a certain kind of bike, you’ll be able to locate one in a store that focuses on a few main brands.

On Mallorca, there are a lot of companies that specialize in bicycle tours. Self-guided cycling vacations may be taken at a leisurely pace, with baggage transfers from hotel to hotel included. Alternatively, you may choose experts to evaluate your ability and assign you to an appropriate group, and an experienced ride captain will lead you around the routes.

At EMILIOS CYCLING MALLORCA, we provide a customized service that is tailored to the needs of each group, as well as a variety of possibilities to make the most of the cycling experience in the greatest region in Europe for this purpose. At EMILIOS CYCLING MALLORCA, our primary purpose is to provide you with an incredible chance to enjoy life while you are on vacation in Mallorca.

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