Entdecken Sie Mallorca auf dem Fahrrad: Die besten Radwege und spannende Verbindungen zu anderen Freizeitaktivitäten

Discover Mallorca by bike: the best cycle routes and exciting connections to other leisure activities

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Discover Mallorca by bike: the best cycle routes and exciting connections to other leisure activities

Introduction: Mallorca is not only known for its picturesque beaches and breathtaking landscapes, but also for its excellent cycle paths. By bike, you can explore this diverse island in a unique way, combining other popular leisure activities such as hiking, swimming or diving. In this article, we present the best cycling routes on Mallorca and show you how you can combine your cycling adventure with other exciting activities.

The best cycling routes in Mallorca

Mallorca offers a wide selection of first-class cycle paths that are suitable for both beginners and experienced cyclists. From flat coastal routes to challenging mountain passes – every cycling enthusiast will find their ideal terrain here. The popular “Via Verde” cycle path, for example, runs along a former railroad line and offers a scenic route for leisurely cycling. The “Ruta de la Pedra en Sec”, on the other hand, is perfect for adventure seekers as it leads through the picturesque mountains and villages in the west of Mallorca.

Connection to hiking

Mallorca is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking. Combine your bike tour with a hike along the coastal or mountain paths. For example, you can leave your bike at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains and go on a hike to the spectacular peaks such as Puig de Massanella. Enjoy the breathtaking nature and magnificent views as you combine your hiking and cycling tour.

Connection for swimming

Mallorca is surrounded by beautiful beaches and bays that invite you to swim in the turquoise waters. Use your bike tour to explore different stretches of beach along the coast. Get off your bike, unpack your swimsuit and enjoy a refreshing swim at Mallorca’s most beautiful beaches. Add an extra dimension to your cycling adventure by combining your exploration trip with invigorating moments in the sea.

Connection to diving

Mallorca is also a popular destination for divers due to its fascinating underwater world. Combine your bike tour with a diving excursion along the island’s coastline. Spend the morning on two wheels and then dive down to explore the beauty of the sea. Visit diving spots such as the huge caves of Porto Cristo or the fascinating wrecks along the coast and experience an unforgettable combination of cycling and diving.

Discover Mallorca by bike – connections to exciting leisure activities

Mallorca offers you the opportunity to explore the diversity of the island by bike and at the same time enjoy other exciting leisure activities such as hiking, swimming or diving. Use the numerous bike rental companies or bike rental shops on Mallorca to choose the right bike for your tour. Plan your routes in advance and discover the best cycle paths that lead to your favorite activities. By bike, you will experience Mallorca in a unique way and create unforgettable memories by combining nature, sport and relaxation. So, get on your bike, immerse yourself in the Mallorca adventure and enjoy the diversity of the island!

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