Entdecken Sie Mallorca: Geführte Fahrradtour Vermietungen

Discover Mallorca: Guided bike tour rentals

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Introduction to Mallorca’s cycling world

Mallorca, a pearl in the Mediterranean, is not only known for its breathtaking beaches, but also as a paradise for cyclists. The combination of picturesque landscapes, well-maintained roads and a mild climate make the island the ideal place for cycling tours. But what makes a guided bike tour on Mallorca so special?

Why Mallorca?

The island offers a variety of routes that are suitable for both beginners and experienced cyclists. From flat coastal paths to challenging mountain routes in the Tramuntana mountains – Mallorca has something for everyone.

What makes guided bike tours so special?

Guided bike tours offer the opportunity to discover the beauty of Mallorca under the guidance of an experienced guide. You not only benefit from their local knowledge, but also from interesting stories and background information about the sights along the route.

The best routes for your bike tour

The coastal route

This route takes you along the picturesque coast of Mallorca, past hidden coves and breathtaking viewpoints.

The Tramuntana Route

For those who like it a little more challenging, the Tramuntana Route offers steep climbs and spectacular panoramas over the mountains.

Hidden paths off the beaten track

Discover hidden paths with your guide that are off the beaten track and offer an authentic insight into the Mallorcan landscape.

Planning your bike tour

Best time to travel

The best time for a bike tour on Mallorca is in spring or fall, when the temperatures are pleasant and the island is not overcrowded.

What you should bring with you

A list of essentials not to forget on your bike tour, including water, sun protection and a camera.

Choosing the perfect bike tour rental

What you should look for in a bike rental company

Tips for choosing the right bike rental, including equipment and service.

Recommended bike rental companies in Mallorca

A selection of the best bike rental companies on the island, based on customer reviews and services offered.

Safety tips for your bike tour

Important tips to make your tour safe and enjoyable.

After the tour: relaxation and recovery

Where to relax after your tour

Recommendations for cafés, restaurants and spas where you can relax and unwind after your tour.


A guided bike tour on Mallorca is an excellent way to discover the island in a very special way. With the right preparation and selection of a quality bike rental company, nothing stands in the way of your adventure.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Mallorca also suitable for beginner cyclists?

Yes, Mallorca is a fantastic destination for beginner cyclists. The island offers a variety of routes with different levels of difficulty, including flat routes along the coast that are perfect for beginners. There are also many bike rental companies that offer guided tours for beginners, where you can practice cycling in a safe environment.

How can I find the right bike tour for me?

To find the right bike tour for you, you should first consider your fitness level and interests. Would you like to explore the cultural sights of Mallorca or are you more interested in the scenic beauty? Bike rental companies and tour providers in Mallorca offer a wide range of tours tailored to different interests. It is advisable to read reviews in advance and possibly talk to the provider to find the ideal tour for you.

What should I consider when choosing a bike rental company?

When choosing a bike rental company, you should pay attention to the quality of the bikes, the availability of additional equipment such as helmets and locks, as well as customer service. It is also important that the rental company offers insurance cover and maintenance services for the bikes. It is advisable to read reviews from other customers and compare prices.

How do I prepare for a bike tour?

Good preparation for a bike tour includes packing the right equipment, including water, snacks, sun protection and first aid supplies. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and find out about the route and weather beforehand. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the traffic rules on Mallorca and assess your fitness appropriately.

What are the must-see places on a cycle tour through Mallorca?

The must-see places on a cycling tour of Mallorca include the Tramuntana mountains, known for their breathtaking landscapes and challenges, the charming villages such as Valldemossa and Deià, the picturesque coastline with its hidden coves and beaches, and the vibrant capital Palma with its impressive cathedral and historic city center. Each route offers unique insights and experiences that will make your bike tour unforgettable.

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