What to do in October in Mallorca

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True fans of Mallorca will find that October is the best month to visit the island. The month following the harvest is traditionally one that is filled with a variety of traditional festivals and markets that celebrate the local produce. In a typical year, it would have been followed by a busy summer season, complete with busy beaches and parties; however, because of the pandemic, nothing is as we previously understood it to be. Those that visit the island, on the other hand, will still be able to experience the singular flavor that is associated with each town square in addition to the genuine spirit that pervades these areas.

The Serra de Tramuntana begins to take on a subtle ruddy tinge as temperatures drop and evenings become shorter; the temperature of the sea is still nearly ideal for taking a refreshing plunge, going for a bike ride, or going for a trek in the mountains. Discover everything that the fall season in Mallorca has to offer by reading our travel guide to the island.

The weather on Mallorca in October

From the blazing heat of summer to a cool 20 degrees Celsius on average, the weather in October is incredibly lovely. Temperatures decline progressively until the end of the month (particularly in the Serra de Tramuntana), but 16 degrees Celsius is the historical average. On the island, October is likely the wettest month of the year. Every day there is a 1 in 5 chance of rain, and while it is typically light and unremarkable, it can get increasingly intense, so be cautious. Regarding temperature, a raincoat or an anorak should sufficient.

What to do on Mallorca in October

Autumn is extremely lovely in the Serra de Tramuntana, and because summer on the island lasts a little longer than it does elsewhere, October is the ideal season for harvesting. Mallorca offers abundance of local produce, but we recommend taking a tour to see some of the island’s more than 70 local bodegas. The end of the summer brings cooler weather and less people, making it ideal for a day of hiking. Even when the air temperature drops, visitors may still enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean at several of the island’s most popular beaches. If the weather holds, October is a great time to visit Mallorca for a round of golf, a round of cycling, or to check out one of the island’s many cultural festivals.

Fairs and markets on Mallorca in October

In October, Mallorca plays host to a number of fairs and markets that celebrate both the island’s artistic and agricultural traditions. Both the world-famous pepper fair and the Sobrassada Fair, which normally take place in Felanitx and Campos, respectively, will not be held this year due to the limits placed on them by COVID-19 in terms of health and safety. These fairs promote and celebrate two important products of Mallorcan culture, and as a result, we continue to encourage anybody who is interested in learning more about the local produce to travel to the villages and purchase the goods directly from the businesses there. The people of Mallorca have a sweet craving, but their sweet tooth will have to stay at home this year since the Fira Dolca festival in Esporles, the MsicaMallorca festival in Santanyi, and the Autumn and Wine Fair will not be allowed to take place.

Discover Mallorca by bike

Mallorca is a wonderful place to perform outdoor activities throughout the whole year thanks to its consistently pleasant climate and well-developed infrastructure, which has made Cycling in Mallorca to be a unique experience. That is why so many people, from all over the world, come to Mallorca to practice this sport.

Mallorca provides not just the ideal roads, hills, and climate, but also the ideal cycling culture. The majority of the island is cyclist-friendly, with motorists often giving you extra room when passing. Mallorca realized long ago the economic advantages bicycles bring to the island, and as a result, the infrastructure has been designed to accommodate cyclists. It is difficult not to fall in love with Mallorca due to its spectacular mountain and coastal road vistas, gorgeous landscape, and golden beaches.

Mallorca is both the largest and most diverse Spanish Mediterranean island. And – often only a stone’s throw away from the popular tourist resorts of Platja de Palma, S’Arenal, Cala Millor, Alcdia, or Santa Ponça – calm, unspoiled, and breathtakingly beautiful. With all of these attractions and the island’s various environment, it’s a good idea to explore Mallorca by bicycle. Experiencing the largest Balearic Island by bike is probably the best way to experience the true character of the island.

We would be more than happy to help you in any way we can

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A whole new world of adventure and enjoyment has been opened up by Mallorca’s cycling community and the island itself! In which case, what are you waffling on about? You’ll have such wonderful time if you visit Mallorca. Cycling through the picturesque towns and villages teeming with old olive and pine trees is a genuine treat. Our goal at Emilios Cycling Mallorca is to help you get away from the everyday grind and enjoy life to the fullest.

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