Trainieren wie ein Profi: Radfahren auf Mallorca als Vorbereitung für Radsportveranstaltungen

Train like a pro: cycling on Mallorca as preparation for cycling events

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Train like a pro: cycling on Mallorca as preparation for cycling events

Mallorca has become a popular destination for cyclists preparing for cycling events such as bike races or triathlons. The island offers ideal conditions for training on a bike, with its varied landscapes, challenging climbs and well-developed infrastructure for cyclists. It is therefore no wonder that many professional and amateur cyclists come to Mallorca every year to train on their road bikes.

If you want to start your training in Mallorca, it is advisable to contact a bike rental company to find the perfect bike for your needs. There are a variety of bike rental companies on the island that offer high-quality road bikes in different sizes and designs. By choosing the right bike, you can ensure that you have the best possible comfort and performance during your training.

One of the most popular routes for cyclists in Mallorca is the “Sa Calobra” loop. This route takes you through breathtaking landscapes, past high mountains and narrow serpentine roads. With many challenging climbs and technical descents, the Sa Calobra loop is a great way to improve your climbing skills and downhill techniques.

If you’re preparing for long race events such as the Mallorca 312 or the Mallorca Ironman, you should also explore the flatter coastal roads and country lanes that the island has to offer. With a combination of flat sections and gentle climbs, you can improve your endurance and speed.

During your training, you may also want to join cycling groups or organized tours to meet like-minded people and benefit from their experience. Many bike rental companies offer escorted tours where experienced guides take you on unique routes around the island. This can not only be a great way to make new friends, but also to discover new scenic highlights that you might miss on your own.

In addition, it is important to keep track of your training routes and progress. In Mallorca, there are a variety of apps and websites where you can record your rides and analyze your training. These tools provide detailed information on your speed, distance, elevation gain and much more to track your progress and optimize your training.

In summary, Mallorca offers ideal conditions for cyclists who want to prepare for cycling events. With high-quality road bikes, challenging routes and a well-developed infrastructure for cyclists, Mallorca is a paradise for training enthusiasts. Take advantage of the bike rental service and head to the island to train like a pro and prepare for your next cycling event.

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