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Mallorca in Spring

Mallorca is the go-to destination for Cyclists seeking for some sun and good roads outside of Europe, and Spring is the most popular season to visit this lovely island.


Why Visit Mallorca?

First and foremost, if you need persuading as to why Mallorca should be your destination of choice, it’s because you’re assured a trinity of wonderful weather, varied terrain, and breathtaking views.

For many years, Mallorca has been the Mecca for cyclists due to its nice and consistent weather as well as a broad variety of terrain; you may enjoy a long flat day if you want or wreck your knees in the mountains if you like. The roads are smooth and well-kept, and since cycling is a big part of their holiday season, the residents are often competent at dealing with big groups of cyclists and are a little more tolerant.

Mallorca’s Mediterranean environment makes it warm in the summer. This implies that the optimum seasons to visit are spring and fall. Maximum temperatures range from 17 to 22°C in March and May, then 23-19°C in October and November. December, January, and February are milder, although highs remain in the 15°C range.


Where to Stay in Mallorca While Cycling

Most cyclists will have the opportunity to tour a significant section of the island’s attractions during their vacation. Of course, where you stay will have an impact on your cycling schedule. The northern beach towns of Port de Pollença and Alcudia are home to the vast majority of cyclists. Located near to the Tramuntana Mountains, Puig Major’s top is the most enticing feature of this location. Although the region is surrounded by several mountains, it has a number of flat coastal highways and some undulating agricultural routes.

It goes without saying that the main attractions of Mallorca are the climbs – but you may wish to include a couple of days on the flats as well. Because Port de Pollença and Alcudia are the most popular cycling bases in the area, we’ve based the majority of our ride lengths and itineraries out of both cities.

There are many bike businesses on the island that sell and rent bikes. If you’re searching for a certain kind of bike, you’ll be able to locate it at a store that focuses on a few main brands. In addition, there are a number of enterprises in Mallorca that specialize in cycling tours.

Since there are many companies that specialize in cycling tours on Mallorca, one might feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, here at Emilios Cycling Mallorca, we have experts that can make your stay much better. Whether you are on your own, with your significant other, or with your family, we can provide a personalized service that is tailored to the specific demands of everyone, as well as a choice of options for making the most of the cycling experience in Europe’s best cycling spot. While you are on holiday in Mallorca.

There’s a whole new world of cycling to discover! So, what are you still waiting for? Come and enjoy your spring on Mallorca. Cycling through lovely towns and villages connected by dreamy lanes through old olive and pine trees allows cyclists to admire nature. We at Emilios Cycling Mallorca want to present you with an exceptional opportunity to experience life to its fullest.