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Mountainbiken auf Mallorca: Entdecke die besten Trails und Routen für Mountainbiker auf der Insel

Mountain biking in Mallorca: discover the best trails and routes for mountain bikers on the island

Mountain biking in Mallorca: discover the best trails and routes for mountain bikers on the island

Mallorca is not only known for its beautiful beaches and impressive scenery, but also for its great mountain biking opportunities. The island offers a variety of trails and routes designed specifically for mountain bikers. Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, there is something for all tastes and abilities.

An important aspect of mountain biking in Mallorca is the availability of bike hire or bike rental companies. These companies offer a wide range of mountain bikes for all types of riders, from hardtails to full-suspension bikes, as well as accessories such as helmets, protective clothing and GPS devices.

If you’re ready to explore the best trails and routes in Mallorca, here are some suggestions:

  • The Tramuntana mountain range: this mountain range stretches along the northwest coast of Mallorca and offers some of the most challenging and exciting mountain biking routes on the island. From ascents to Puig Major, the highest mountain in Mallorca, to technical descents, there is something for every rider to discover here.
  • The Albufera Natural Park: This nature reserve in the northeast of the island offers a variety of well-signposted trails that lead through unspoiled landscapes, marshlands and lagoons. It’s the perfect place to discover Mallorca’s nature and wildlife while you’re out and about on your mountain bike.
  • The area around Pollença: This area in the north of Mallorca offers a variety of trails for mountain bikers of all levels. From easy routes along the coast to challenging descents in the mountains, there is something for every rider.
  • The Randa Mountains: This mountain massif in the center of the island is a popular destination for mountain bikers. The routes here vary from moderate to challenging and offer spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

However, before you set off on the trails, you should follow a few basic safety tips. Always wear a helmet and protective clothing, carry appropriate equipment and check that your bike is in good working order before every ride.

What are you waiting for? Pack your mountain bike or hire one from one of the many bike rental companies or bike hire shops on Mallorca and explore the island’s exciting trails and routes. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just want to enjoy Mallorca’s nature, you’re sure to have an unforgettable mountain biking experience on the island.

Das Perfekte Fahrrad für Ihren Mallorca-Ausflug

The Perfect Bike for Your Mallorca Getaway

Mallorca, the enchanting island in the Mediterranean Sea, offers a breathtaking setting for an unforgettable cycling vacation. To get the most out of your stay, choosing the right bike is crucial. In this article, you’ll learn which bike best suits your needs and preferences to maximize your Mallorca experience.

Road bike for speed lovers

If you want to explore Mallorca’s scenic roads while breaking your speed records, a road bike is the perfect choice. These lightweight, aerodynamic bikes are ideal for conquering the island’s long, well-paved roads. With their sleek design and narrow tires, they allow for top-notch performance and let you explore the breathtaking coastal scenery in no time.

Mountain bike for adventure seekers

Mallorca offers not only magnificent roads, but also breathtaking mountain landscapes. For those seeking adventure, a mountain bike is the right choice. With sturdy tires and a stable design, a mountain bike effortlessly tackles challenging off-road routes and allows you to explore the unspoiled nature of the island.

City bike for relaxation and enjoyment

If you want to enjoy your Mallorca excursion at a relaxed pace and explore the island’s picturesque villages and sights, opt for a city bike. These comfortable bikes offer an upright riding position and are ideal for leisurely tours of picturesque towns. A city bike is also perfect for exploring the delicious Mallorcan cuisine, as you can effortlessly cycle from restaurant to restaurant.

E-bike for effortless cycling

For those who want an extra helping hand to explore the hills and mountains of Mallorca, an e-bike is the best choice. These electric bikes offer you the opportunity to make your tour effortless by providing extra power when needed. E-bikes are a great option if you want to explore the island without excessive effort.

Final thoughts

Your Mallorca trip will undoubtedly be a memorable one if you choose the perfect bike. Depending on your preferences and goals, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, city bike or e-bike, the island of Mallorca has something for every bike lover.

With the ideal bike you can fully enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the island and create unforgettable memories. Now it’s up to you to choose the bike that best suits your Mallorca adventure. Get out there and experience Mallorca on two wheels!

Early Rider Mallorca


The Hellion’s most recent iteration is race-ready, and it’s designed to help you exceed your boundaries and achieve your objective. The distinctively shaped and very high-quality Ritchey handlebar has remained unaltered. The VeeTire Crown Gem 2.25″ tires, the hydraulic disc brakes, and the chain drive are the most significant additions to the 2020 model.

Early Rider’s cult wheels have a large following of admirers. This children’s bike is made of the best and lightest materials, making it the hero and preferred mode of transportation for your children. The reason for this is straightforward. Approximately 17kg is the average weight of a five-year-old. In comparison, if he rides a 12kg steel bike, he is equivalent to an 80kg adult on a 55kg bike. Isn’t it amazing how incredible it all is? In order to do this, the Seeker’s development team set out to create the world’s lightest and most noble children’s bicycle possible. This attempt has been a perfect success, as seen by my 7kg weight! Kids who have mastered the impeller now have a vehicle in which they may instantly feel at ease and have a good time without any assistance. The Early Rider provides the finest possible introduction to the world of cycling for the small ones, thanks to its unequalled weight and precise design.

Available sizes: 16 inch

Price: 79 Euro / week

Recommendations for this children’s bike (EarlyRider):

  • Child’s stride length approx.: 44-56 cm
    Child’s height approx.: 100-130 cm
    Age of child approx: 3,5-6 years

Additional technical information:

  • Saddle height adjustable to approx. 46.5-58 cm
  • Number of gears: 1 (no shifting)
  • Suspension fork: No
  • Weight approx: 7 kg
  • Intended use: children’s mountain bike
  • Aluminium frame & fork
  • Frame: ER Hellion 16 Disc Only Frame Butted Tubing
  • Drive: KMC X10E chain
  • Brakes: Promax DSK926 Hydraulic Junior Brakes 140 Rotors
  • Wheels: CNC Straight Pull Hub 16″ x 24H 12mm Thru Axle Tubeless Ready
  • Crank: Samox 110mm DM Crankset
  • Pedals: weight-optimised wide special pedals from Early Rider with logo
  • Tyres: Vee Crown Gem 16×2.25 WB 27TPI – Skinwall (approx. 5.75cm ready)