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Guerciotti is a long-standing and well-established brand in the world of cycling. In 1964, Italo, a famous and experienced cyclocross rider, and his brother Paolo decided to start a small company in Milan dedicated to the sale and repair of bicycles. From the beginning, Italo was the one who shared his love of cycling with Paolo, who started the sport in 1961 and quickly proved to be a competitor. He eventually concentrated only on cyclocross and won the world title in Saccolongo in 1979. At that time, however, there were already so many customers that the shop was overcrowded. Paolo Guerciotti then opened a second location on Corso Buenos Aires. Due to the financial success, the two brothers decided to further expand the shop in Via Tamagno in 1975. Thanks to Paolo Guerciotti’s dyanamism, 1975 was a turning point for the company, which experienced a real commercial escalation as it began to export its products all over the world, especially to the United States.

Guerciotti bikes made their professional debut in 1976, sponsoring the Fiorella Mocassini professional team and later Magniflex Fam Cucine, Fiorella Citroen, Alfa Lum, Santini Selle Italia and Dromedario Sidermec. Many famous riders, including G.B. Baronchelli and Giovanni Battaglin, won on Guerciotti bikes. Guerciotti was able to make significant progress by working with famous riders and prominent teams. In 1976 they also began a technical partnership with the GBC cyclocross team, led by Dino Zandegù, in which Paolo was a racer. Consequently, in 1977, on Paolo’s initiative, they founded their own cyclocross sports group, GS Guerciotti, with which Guerciotti became the reference point of cyclocross in Italy and the world in the following years, winning ten world championships. After the victories of two of the strongest cyclocross riders of all time, Vito Ditano and Roland Liboton, the brand became the undisputed leader in the production and sale of bicycles.

All over the world, their product was known and admired. In 1983, the company was renamed Guerciotti Export srl and separated its racing division from its commercial division. During those years, the company began to establish itself in the markets of South American countries. In 1984, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary and opened its new headquarters in Via Pasteur to mark the occasion. Years full of joy, the highlight of which was Daniele Pontoni’s triumph in the World Cyclocross Championship in 1997.

In 2000, a fresh start was made to welcome the new millennium. The shop moved to its current location in Via Petrocchi. They intended to compete again at a professional level in road racing, but also to work with junior, women’s and amateur teams with whom they had achieved victories that helped promote their brand. Riders such as Mauro Santambrogio, Jacopo Guarnieri and Adriano Malori, as well as well-known athletes such as Vera Carrara, Olga Slyoussareva and Valentina Polkhanova competed on their bikes in the junior divisions during those years. In 2004, they returned to professional cycling with Omar Piscina’s LPR, a fairly young team that achieved a number of significant victories within three years, including winning the Coppa Bernocchi with Danilo Napolitano in 2005, winning stages in the Tour de Suisse with Daniele Contrini and taking part in historic races such as Milano Sanremo and Paris Roubaix. During these years, cyclists like Dmitry Konyshev and Pavel Tonkov, who would later become legends of cycling, rode their bikes.

An important re-emergence in the American market and the conquest of new countries such as South Africa, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan were made possible by the alliance formed in 2007 with Gianni Savio and the exhibition of champions on their bikes. In 2008 they returned to the Giro d’Italia, this time with Gilberto Simoni, and won a stage with Alessandro Bertolini. Later, Guerciotti established itself as Italy’s leading cyclocross team. In less than ten years, more than 20 national cyclocross titles were won, including three consecutive triples in Italy in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Italian cyclocross star Gioele Bertolini led the team. They joined the Polish team CCC Sprandi in 2013 and took part in the Giri d’Italia in 2015 and 2017, with Jan Hirt playing an important role in the difficult stages. In those seasons they took part in the Gold Race, Sanremo and Tirreno Adriatico, among others. Rebellin won the Giro dell’Emilia, the Coppa Agostoni, the Italian time trial title and the Italian road championship. In 2019, they resumed their sponsorship of Team Bardiani CSF. Together they have participated in the Sanremo, Giro d’Italia, Amstel Gold Race and Tirreno Adriatico races. They will soon be celebrating their 60th anniversary and have a lot of exciting things planned for the occasion.

Guerciotti aspires for everyone to have access to a bicycle, and they are working to secure a place where they can do so undisturbed. They envision a world where everyone rides a bike to make their lives easier and more fulfilling in the future. to reclaim space, reduce the number of wasted resources to zero, improve the area and protect nature. to feel good. to leave a positive legacy for our children. With an understanding of the origins and goals of Guerciotti in mind, here’s why you should buy one of their bikes; For the simple reason that they have had a well-established brand for about 60 years. They are always ahead of the curve, having witnessed and experienced every change in technology, form and substance. But beyond just buying a bike, buying a Guerciotti bike is like joining a family. They embody the past, the present and the future; excellence is the result of their choices. Here’s a little insight into Guerciotti’s fantastic range of bicycles:


Triathlon bikes

These bikes are the incomparable secret weapon behind the extraordinary time trial successes of the Bardiani-CSF team. They were developed and tested in the wind tunnel in collaboration with the team’s specialists.


Cyclocross bikes

The knowledge that Guerciotti has acquired over more than fifty years of successful participation in national and international competitions has enabled them to develop a range of cyclocross bikes of the highest quality. Find the ideal bike for you and put your skills to the test in the mud arenas!


Electric Bikes

Guerciotti’s electric bikes are not designed to change the way you cycle, but to give you an additional choice. These electric bikes are made with the same technical concepts used in the production of our classic models. This is done with the aim of offering you the most authentic riding experience possible.


Gravel Bikes

Gravel may be a foreign word to many people, but for Guerciotti it is the inevitable evolution of a multi-faceted soul. Ride on any path, in any season. Choose a Guerciotti gravel bike.


Road bikes

Since 1964, Guerciotti racing bikes have been fighting for victory on the asphalt of the most important international competitions. Gilberto Simoni, Davide Rebellin and Michele Scarponi are just some of the great cyclists who have ridden on the “brightest stars of Milan” over the years. But tradition alone is not enough to make a great Italian bike. It takes heart and commitment. We must never stop searching for perfection. When you choose a Guerciotti road bike, you can be sure of a product of the highest quality. Son of tradition, born to win.

As you can see, Guerciotti offers an incredible range that has something for every rider, and that is exactly what they wanted to achieve. To use the experience of more than half a century in the industry to provide their customers with the service they can expect from them.