Passion for a life affirming event

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Passion for a life-affirming event

In light of the increasing busyness and obligations that daily life brings, contact with the spiritual and one’s self falls by the wayside. With this in mind, Emilio’s bike rental offers a variety of options for all tastes in cycling activities on this small, large island that is a symbol of paradise and the spectacular geography that characterizes it.
The tour consists of a reception, hotel, gastronomic offers and a guide that adapts to any group of cyclists who want to know nature in its purest form. Experience Mallorca on a tour that will take you through incredible trails with spectacular views of the surroundings, viewpoints surrounded by pine forests and hundred-year-old olive trees, mountain paths specially selected for the maximum experience of nature, and the spirit of camaraderie that characterizes our company.


On the island there are countless mountain trails and routes with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.
The Tramuntana Mountains are a natural and cultural heritage of Mallorca, recognized as a World Heritage Site since 2011. This magnificent mountain range is the main mountain range of the Balearic Islands in Spain. The Sierra de Tramuntana is located in the northwest of Mallorca, hence the name, because the Tramuntana is the wind that comes from this direction, more precisely its northern component, the Tramuntana wind according to the rose of the local winds (Mediterranean). Its origin goes back to the fold of the Alps of the Earth’s Middle Ages. Here are the three major reservoirs of Mallorca: Cúber, Gorg Blau and the smaller military reservoir for the base Puig Major. This mountain range is also one of the most beautiful in Europe and famous for its spectacular routes for cycling enthusiasts around the world. As well as its beautiful towns and villages surrounded by breathtaking scenery.
Every year various cycling competitions are held here and the most important cycling teams of the famous Tour de France, Vuelta de España and Giro d’Italia train their athletes in Mallorca due to its excellent geographical location and the impeccable condition of its roads and bike paths.


In short, Mallorca is a magnet for cycling lovers, whether on the road, off-road, mountain biking or simply cycling with the family.
We look forward to providing you with the best experience of your life.

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