Mallorca’s cycle tourism has recovered to its pre-pandemic levels

Up to 200,000 cyclists are expected to visit the island next year, generating over 300 million euros in revenue. The island of Mallorca has been in the headlines recently since certain statistics about the island’s significant amount of cycling tourism have been released. Therefore, we believe that in addition to keeping an eye on events, calendars, and training, we also need to pay attention to how the cyclotourism industry functions and the amount of revenue it is able to produce.

For this reason, it is important to note the anticipated economic impact of cycling tourism on the largest Balearic Island: more than 300 million euros, as reported by tour operators and the hotel industry. A business that, incidentally, remains open even in the offseason because of the many cyclists that come to Mallorca. As a result, the industry as a whole must contend with a business that is not only steadily expanding, but has also proven itself as a viable means of making money through a subset of “active tourism.” Specifically, the numbers for stays before the epidemic have been recovered in 2022, and they are projected to be surpassed in the following year.

But how did the archipelago’s capital get to where it is now? What were the key factors? Okay, so it’s a mix of a lot of different things. An ideal combo for developing a tourism industry framework. The first requirement is a bike-friendly infrastructure. There is a wide variety of services available for both general and individual cyclists, as well as a well-developed road network, hilly and scenically rich terrain, strong hotel sector (more than 150 hotels were open in the low season before the pandemic, and the trend is to return to that path), and a strong hotel sector.

The annual celebrations, some of which draw hundreds of thousands of visitors, should not be forgotten. The 8,000 bibs for Mallorca 312 were gone in only a few short hours, and the event organizers are reluctant to add more in order to maintain the high standard of the race. Next, in January, the European schedule officially kicks off with the Challenge de Mallorca (with the exception of Marseille). also, other, more niche competitions, like the Spanish Championships, which took place in June of this year. For all these reasons, the island is becoming increasingly popular with casual cyclists. As a matter of fact, by the year 2023, we anticipate welcoming almost 200,000 guests. A program like Eurosport, which bills itself as “The home of cycling” in its corporate biographies, shows just how serious the destination is about promoting itself. The majority of the races throughout the season are aired, and with good reason.

With the notable exceptions of Euskadi, Navarra, and, to a lesser extent, Cantabria, Mallorca has emerged as the leading destination for cyclists visiting Spain. The numbers speak for themselves, and they will return to pre-pandemic pulse beginning next year, despite the fact that the vast bulk of economic sectors still have a way to go before they do. Mallorca is experiencing amazing things at the moment, so if you wish to visit this beautiful island and enjoy everything, that this paradise has to offer, then we would be more than happy to help you in any way we can. Come and cycle further and faster and become a better cyclist in Mallorca.

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