Mallorca is a gift for outdoor activity lovers

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The Balearic Islands are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The islands are a wonderful destination to experience by land, sea, and air due to their mild climate and pleasant year-round temperatures, gorgeous mountain scenery, and tranquil Mediterranean waters.

Along its trails, you can hike, ride a bike, or ride a horse; you can descend ravines; explore an intriguing aquatic world; and you can fly over unforgettable views. There are five compelling reasons to partake in active tourism while visiting Mallorca:

  • Great weather all year round.
  • Extremely diverse landscapes.
  • Wide range of activities all year round.
  • Unique coastline and seabeds for water sports.
  • Huge variety of accommodation and additional service

Main Activities


  • Hot-air balloon, enjoy a new perspective of the islands’ landscapes.


  • Scuba-diving in warm, crystal-clear water.
  • Water sports in a spectacular setting.
  • Fishing tourism with local fisherman is a novel approach to become acquainted with the islands’ coastlines.


  • Theme parks situated in natural areas where adrenaline rushes are available.
  • Hiking to soak up the landscape and nature.
  • Discover the coast or the interior of our islands on horseback.
  • Climbing in gorgeous locations with accommodations for all types.
  • 4×4 trips, A unique way for the entire family to travel throughout the islands.
  • MTB, mountain bike adventure tour.
  • Electric scooter, a fascinating and novel method to appreciate urban areas.

Mallorca, a cyclist’s paradise

Mallorca’s 2,071 kilometers of local roads and pathways have made it a favourite destination for cyclists. This island’s varied topography, mild Mediterranean temperature, and bicycle-friendly infrastructure make it a cyclist’s heaven. Additionally, Mallorca is an island with a rich cycling culture. This is evidenced by Mallorca’s high number of cycling enthusiasts, its vast number of velodromes built at the turn of the 20th century, and its numerous professional athletes, including globally renowned cyclists Guillem Timoner and Joan Llaneras.

Cycling is possible throughout the year, with October to May being the ideal period to engage in this activity. In December, it is typical to see the world’s top professional cycling teams training and preparing for the season on the roads of the island. The first event on the schedule is the Mallorca Challenge, a prestigious event for professional cyclists that typically occurs at the end of January.

In addition to its beauty and superb cycling conditions, amateur teams and fans chose Mallorca for its tourist attractions. Mallorca’s abundance of bicycle rental and maintenance shops makes it a distinctive cycling destination.

We would be more than happy to help you in any way we can

If you are on vacation in Mallorca and you get the desire to put some pedal to the metal but you don’t have a bike with you, you will be happy to know that you have the option to rent one of our road bikes for a price that is extremely affordable.

You can count on the helpful staff at Emilios Cycling Mallorca to help you get the most out of your time. Whether you’re traveling alone, with a partner, or with your family, you can get customized services and solutions to help you get the most out of your time at Europe’s best place for cycling.

There are over 100 carbon road bikes, trekking bikes, mountain bikes (including e-bikes), and sporty tandems to choose from. We always make time for our customers because they come first! We collaborate to ensure that you have the proper bike for your requirements, and we’ll gladly recommend some of the most popular routes in the area to get you started. gives you access to a well-equipped professional workshop as well as the top employees in the industry that really care about their work.

A whole new world of adventure and enjoyment has been opened up by Mallorca’s cycling community and the island itself! In which case, what are you waffling on about? You’ll have such wonderful time if you visit Mallorca. Cycling through the picturesque towns and villages teeming with old olive and pine trees is a genuine treat. Our goal at Emilios Cycling Mallorca is to help you get away from the everyday grind and enjoy life to the fullest.

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