Mallorca in August

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Calm, unhurried, and basking in the warm rays of the sun. Time seems to go more slowly in Mallorca once August arrives and the intense heat of the Balearic summer takes hold of the island. This is the island that has inspired works of literature such as The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh, which is about a charming village called Deià, and the work of Anna Nicholas. Titles such as “A Lizard in my Luggage” and “Cat on a Hot Tiled Roof” conjure up images of Mallorca in the month of August, when the skies are clear, the days are long, and there is refuge from the heat of the sun. Calm outdoor dining, strolls on the beach or along the coast, exploring the island on bicycle, and plenty of time to relax are all on the agenda. That would be Mallorca in the month of August.

The climate in Mallorca during the month of August

At this time of year, it is important to take the recommendations of the people who live nearby. Because the average temperature is around 30 degrees, there is a good chance of having a sunburn; thus, it is better to stay in the shade during the middle of the day to avoid getting shrimpy. Get some fresh air and exercise by the pool or on the beach in the wee hours of the morning or late in the afternoon, and then reward yourself with one of the peaceful sunsets that the Balearic Islands are famous for.

What to do in Mallorca in August

Being in Mallorca in August means being in a place and a time that invites you to take it easy. It’s time to relax on one of those world-renowned beaches or at a beach club, explore Palma and take excursions to beautiful places of interest and sights.

There is plenty of fun for families with children, from parks and water sports to attractions like Palma Aquarium and Katmandu Park. And adults can be impressed by the incredible sea views from many of the excellent restaurants found in Mallorca.

The Mediterranean night is lively and warm, which makes it perfect for having a good time at one of the many concerts that take place at this time of the year or going to a show. As it is already summer, many of the most exclusive beach clubs offer parties and cozy atmosphere alike.

Religious processions and pilgrimages, historical re-enactments and much more. In August, Mallorca celebrates several fascinating festivals, so you can choose between events such as the battle of Moors and Christians in Pollença, the annual night march from Palma to Lluc or the gastronomic fairs of Consell and Maria de la Salut.

There are so many things to do during a Summer Holiday in Mallorca. Especially when it comes to sports such as Hiking, Scuba diving, Stand Up Paddling and Caving tours. However, it goes without saying that the main attraction of Mallorca is its cycling community. There are many bike businesses on the island that sell and rent bikes. If you’re searching for a certain kind of bike, you’ll be able to locate it at a store that focuses on a few main brands. In addition, there are a number of enterprises in Mallorca that specialize in cycling tours.

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