Mallorca: Gravel Cycling and It’s Benefits

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The popularity of gravel riding has been growing for some time, and it’s simple to understand why: it combines the best aspects of road, cyclocross, and mountain biking into one enjoyable experience. Born in the United States, it is a discipline that has made its way over the pond and is beginning to create waves in the United Kingdom and Spain. Here are some of the reasons why now is a better time than ever to become a part of the gravel revolution:

A Bike for Every Occasion

We have a tendency to believe that we need a different bike for every situation, and although we can’t dispute the advantages of owning more than one bike, a gravel bike may be used all year long and for all sorts of riding. Most are equipped with mudguards and rack mounts, making them ideal for commuting. After all, who says you can’t have fun on your commute? Ride off-road on your daily commute to bring a little bit of the weekend into your day-to-day activities.

Variety Of Routes

One of the most compelling arguments for switching to a gravel bike is the increased range of riding opportunities that it provides. On your own off-road routes, you may utilize gravel pathways to connect road sections together, avoid challenging barriers or congested thoroughfares, or even bypass the asphalt entirely. The freedom to ride on bridleways and byways exists in England and Wales, and there are miles and miles of dusty roads to be discovered in the United States, among other places. With a dirt bike, the options are almost limitless!

Take A Risk and Try Something New

The development of disc brakes and bigger Tyres on gravel bikes has opened up new possibilities for touring. A gravel bike is the excellent instrument for a weekend in the mountains. So, grab your map, pack up your gear and food, and enjoy the landscape on your gravel bike, which can usually accommodate light racks and frame bags.

Not Only for Use in The Countryside

The advantages of riding a gravel bike apply to those who live in urban areas as well. When you’re riding a gravel bike in a city, the number of routes you can take increases tenfold. Your playground consists of towpaths, abandoned railway lines, and parks.

Zero Traffic

Most gravel lanes and routes forbid motor vehicles, and it’s wonderfully freeing to ride for hours on end without seeing a single automobile. You can get away from the hassles of the highways and appreciate nature to the utmost. The sound of birds singing, trees waving in the breeze, and gravel crunching under your Tyres, simply lovely!

Get Better as A Rider

Even if there isn’t much traffic, it doesn’t imply you can shut off completely. Having to stay upright on tough trails and uneven terrain can help you improve your bike handling, level out your pedal strokes, and increase your awareness of the hazards on the course. Furthermore, although the constant bumping and vibration may be painful at first, it will do you a lot of good in the long run.


When your handling has improved and you’ve fully got the gravel bug, the natural order of things is to challenge yourself against other gravel enthusiasts. Events like the Dirty Kanza and the Grinduro series emphasize not just racing but also having fun. You can witness for yourself that gravel racing is developing a new and interesting subculture inside the sport if you watch the EF Education Pro Cycling series at this year’s Dirty Kanza. There will also be a lot of gravel bikes in early season cyclocross competitions, when the dryer conditions are ideal for a gravel bike.


Just because you’re riding off-road, on tight twisting woodland pathways and shaky gravel tracks, doesn’t mean you can’t ride with others. Your Sunday socials will be transformed by a gravel group ride. Riding off-road provides all of the advantages of a club run, but with less traffic. You’ll still be able to socialize side by side on the larger trails, and you’ll be able to push each other on the tough portions and hills.

Culture Change in Cycling

Gravel riding, despite its youth, has begun to develop its own culture, one characterized by a desire to discover new places while having a good time. Finally, gravel riding is unquestionably one of the most accessible modes of transportation for cyclists. Gravel riding, since it is free of the distractions of other road users, is not only an excellent introduction for novice riders, but it is also a new discipline that experienced riders can master.

Make Mallorca your first stop on your travels

Pass through the picturesque towns and villages that are linked by dreamy roads through historic olive and pine woods, where cyclists may appreciate nature. Certainly, each group’s visit may be tailored to their own interests and preferences. Emilios Cycling Mallorca wants to provide you an exceptional experience while you are in Mallorca.

What exactly are you waiting for? There’s a whole new world of gravel riding to explore!

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