Mallorca: A Cyclist’s Paradise

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Mallorca is the biggest of the Balearic Islands and is located in the Mediterranean Sea. Every year, it receives somewhat more than 150,000 visitors. Thanks to the work of the local government, cycling in Mallorca is in excellent health and dynamism, and this is due to their efforts to provide an infrastructure that properly fits the demands of both professional and amateur riders.

Mallorca’s bike rental is easily accessible, and the island’s cycling routes are dotted with a variety of facilities. We shall quickly explain why Mallorca is a cyclist’s heaven in this article.

Infrastructure That Is Suitable

There are a number of cycling facilities in Mallorca that have been particularly created to encourage the activity. The long trams are ideal for training since they are not only very well constructed, but they are also well marked.

Accommodation is assured (though you must make a reservation in advance), and there are several specialized stores for cyclists as well as bike rental businesses in Mallorca that provide tourism and training routes for cyclists of all levels.

In addition, the Tramontana roads and all of the cycling routes provide correct information about the altitude and duration of the trip, as well as excellent direction due to the fact that all of the roads are numbered, which makes planning the routes both simple and enjoyable. There are several free and paid bike maps available for this purpose.

The Perfect Temperature

It is possible to rent a bicycle in Mallorca at any time of year. You should keep in mind that Mallorca receives around 300 days of sunlight every year, and that not only during the summer, but also throughout the year, the weather conditions are generally favourable for cycling in Mallorca.

Although the summer months are pleasant because of the mild environment, April is the best month for cycling because of Mallorca 312, a cycling tour around the island that takes place during that month. However, cyclists may be seen on all of the routes in the fall and even in the winter months.

All Levels of Training

Mallorca boasts roads and cycling paths for cyclists of all abilities, from complete novices to seasoned pros. For example, there are simple routes where the path is totally flat, as well as routes with steep climbs that place a great demand on physical fitness, such as the Tramontana region, which has 90 miles of road and up to ten peaks above 1,000 metres in elevation, among other things.

Because reaching some of these summits necessitates traveling along a path that is called an alpine trail, you may train according to the most demanding physical standards while traveling along this road.

Landscapes that are enchanting, as well as scenic routes

Cycling in Mallorca is becoming more popular by the day. Not just because of the extensive infrastructure that has been built on the island and is fitted with GPS devices, but also because of the many routes and sceneries that can be explored when riding a rental bicycle in Mallorca.

There are the promenades with perfectly straight ribbons of road, but there are also extremely well-maintained back roads and rural pathways that provide the excitement of discovery as you travel through the countryside. Riding along them, you may see historic castles and monasteries perched on the peaks of certain mountains, as well as lighthouses strategically placed across the landscape.

We would be delighted to assist you in any way we can

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There is a whole new world of adventure and excitement thanks to Mallorca and the cycling community! So, what are you waiting for, exactly? You’ll have a wonderful time when you visit Mallorca. It’s a joy to travel through beautiful cities and villages linked by spectacular roads flowing among ancient olive and pine trees. If you’ve ever wished about escaping the daily grind, Emilios Cycling Mallorca is here for you.

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