Gravel Biken

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You may be familiar with the word gravel (“gravel”) or have heard of crossroad, where bike paths are mixed with gravel or dirt roads.
To this end, major bike manufacturers have launched a range of bikes that can handle rural gravel and dirt roads with their road design.

Gravel Bike

At first glance, a gravel bike looks similar to a regular road bike, but a closer look at the details reveals major differences, especially in composition, materials and functionality.
Gravel bikes are basically road bikes with the design and ergonomics of a road bike, but adapted to twisty and rough roads. They are more durable and rugged than a normal road bike and have a wider gear range and tire spacing.

The Gravel Bike Experience

These features make gravel bikes one of the best options for cyclists who love the mixed routes that a world cycling paradise like Mallorca has to offer.
At Emilio’s Mallorca Bike Hire we have a selection of bikes with these features that are suitable for certain mixed routes where you have to tackle rural gravel, gravel and dirt roads as well as asphalt tracks.
The possibilities that Mallorca offers to lovers of cycling on the rural roads are not limited to road cycling or mountain biking, but it is also possible to use an organizational scheme adapted to the different types of roads or paths, so that you can ride both sections with the right bike for both areas and thus ride different routes to reach dream places on the extensive paths of Mallorca.
Emilio’s bike rental Mallorca offers a personalized service for each group with different options to live the experience of cycling in one of the best places in Europe for this purpose.
Mallorca is increasingly becoming a paradise for cyclists as you embark on the magical routes and trails to discover incredible landscapes with spectacular views that will make your experience an unforgettable adventure.

Experience Mallorca

Cross beautiful old towns with rich history such as Valldemosa (cradle of art and music, home of Chopin and poets like Rubén Daro and Jorge Luis Borges), Esporles, Calviá, Santa Ponsa, Paguera, Port de Andratx, Miramar, Deiá, Port de Soller, Fornalutx (nominated as the most beautiful and best preserved village in Spain).
All these enchanting villages and towns are connected by dreamlike roads between ancient olive and pine forests, where cyclists can enjoy themselves surrounded by beautiful nature.
Undoubtedly, the visit of each group can be adapted to our wide range of activities and offers, depending on the tastes of each group.
At Emilios bike rental Mallorca we want to give you the unforgettable opportunity to celebrate life during your stay in Mallorca



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